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          Diversity & Inclusion

This is a tough topic, especially for me.

After all, what am I but a white woman in her 40s?  Furthermore, beyond the tone of my skin, it is also tough for other reasons. It is tough for me because I can't wrap my thoughts around how or even why this is a topic that requires discussion.  And please, don't get me wrong... I can see so clearly and so painfully that we do need this dialogue in order to ignite massive behavioral reform.  But to my heart, the dialectic itself is already dated, so ancient, even before spoken.  This revolution is so long overdue that countless souls have been sacrificed for no reason.  And this is the truth that leads my anger to flare.

WHY haven't we already moved beyond this point.  How is it possible NOT to treat each precious life with the equality it deserves? What is the major malfunction that hinders this rudimentary understanding of our privilege? I don't mean white privilege, I mean the privilege we have to Breathe. To BE alive. 

Without diversity we would be stale. Our thinking stagnant our DNA corrupted by recessive defects and our human legacy bound for extinction. 

Without inclusion we would live in a lonely singularity with no dimensionality. 

I prefer the alternative.

I prefer to see the beauty in every life no matter the tone of their skin. Our energy is the same, our hearts are the same and our minds are blissfully different, thank goodness!